Me, the Patient


  1. KitosCell-Q is the gel that modernizes the care and treatment of any type of wound where there is loss of tissue, regardless of the cause of its origin.
  2. Brings and innovative focus to the treatment of complex skin wounds and acts rapidly and effectively speeding the regeneration and reparation of the damaged tissue.
  3. KitosCell-Q is designed to economize the global treatment of the patient, during chronic illnesses that require multiple products.
  4. Due to its innovative formula KitosCell-Q:
    • Helps the reduction and elimination of the risk of infection.
    • Speeds the formation of new tissue.
    • Simplifies the treatment of wounds.
    • Simplifies the ambulatory treatment of the patients.
    • Exceeds actual therapies
    • It can be applied easily without damaging the skin.

How does it work?

  1. KitosCell-Q acts directly at a cellular level, on the chronic inflammatory processes present on any type of wounds and that can alter the regeneration process of the skin.
  2. Diminishes the enzymatic production present at the wound that causes the loss of tissue.
  3. Stimulates vascular and epidermic growth factors that are crucial for the regeneration of new, healthy and permanent skin.
  4. It finishes with any type of infectious processes.